external image placeholder?w=200&h=102Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM)
Recommendations for CDM Student Review Panel Process

external image placeholder?w=200&h=50Student applies for CDM based on local process.
Student CDM Review Panel is activated at school/region or district.

Begin Phase 1 Assessment:
Student assessment of foundational knowledge through exam or EOC
(link to testing windows and local exams).
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Results reviewed by Review Panel
Next Steps as warranted.

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If student qualifies by earning a 94 or a Level IV…

Begin Phase 2 Assessment:
Student assessment of deep understanding through Artifact
external image placeholder?w=200&h=50(link to tasks by content and course and rubrics for evaluation).

Artifact reviewed by Panel.

Student earns CDM.


external image placeholder?w=200&h=50Student does not earn CDM.
Results shared with School CDM Team.

District/Regional/School CDM Student Review Panel reports results to families and schools.

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Plan devised and implementated for appropriate course placement.


external image placeholder?w=200&h=50In case of an appeal, Review Panel will review family’s appeal and make recommendations.
Families notified of response of appeal.