Step By Step Process:
Step 1: Information regarding CDM and application process is shared with all students/families and teachers.

Step 2: Discussions and advisement with interested students at the school level are held to ensure informed decisions are made regarding participation. Long-term implications are discussed to ensure full understanding. Students/families have the right pursue CDM process even if the school does not support the decision. An individual student, based on his or her own motivation or on a school personnel recommendation, initiates the process to earn CDM.

Step 3: Student/family completes the CDM Application.

Step 4: School CDM Team reviews application and initiates Multi-Phase Assessment process.

Step 5: Student completes Phase I Assessment to demonstrate foundational knowledge through a student examination, EOC, CTE Post-Assessment or local exam.

Step 6: CDM Student Review Panel reviews Phase I Assessment.
  • If student does not meet minimum criteria, student/family is notified. Process no longer continues.
  • If student does meet minimum criteria, student/family is notified and completes Phase II Assessment.

Step 7: Student completes Phase II Assessment to demonstrate deep understanding and application of content through an Artifact Development process and any other criteria a local school district deems required.

Step 8: CDM Student Review Panel reviews Phase II Assessment and provides assessment information to School CDM Team.
  • If student does not meet local criteria, student/family is notified. Student/family is notified of Appeals Process.
  • If student does meet local criteria and earns CDM for the course, student/family is notified.

Step 9: School Guidance team meets with family to discuss options for future course enrollment and other specific implications of earning CDM for that particular course.

Step 10: Student earns CDM. The combination of examination, artifact creation, and optional additional performance assessments will provide assurance that the student has met standards for the course or subject area, as defined by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and deserves credit for the course.