To earn course credit through CDM, a student must be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills of a particular course at a superior level as well as being able to apply that knowledge in a real-world context, requiring that students show deeper content mastery and establishing clearly that he/she should be awarded credit for that course.

As part of this process, a School-level CDM Review Panel will make a recommendation of whether to award credit or not based on student demonstration of the criteria stated above. This decision will be based on (1) a minimum required score as set by the state on the Phase I assessment and (2) a superior rating on Phase II artifacts. If the CDM review panel does not award CDM for a course, and a student and his/her parent(s) do not agree with the decision of the School CDM Review Panel, they may file an appeal.

These are the guidelines for the appeals process:
  • EOC/EOG test scores are not appealable. Scores within one standard error of measurement are not qualifying scores.
  • Appeals must be received in writing within ten days of decision.
  • A review panel will conduct an appeals review within ten days of receiving an appeal request and will collect any additional data requested by the panel.
  • Final recommendations will be made within ten days of Appeals Review.
  • The decision of the appeals panel is final.